• Chiaki's Farewell Entry
    Hello Patients of Dr. Wong! Recently, I finished my final day of work, started my transition to becoming a dental student, and I couldn't be more excited! But before I leave, Read more
  • I'm going to Dental School!
    Hello to the people who have followed my journey to dentistry. I finally did it! I got into dental school and I will start in the summer of 2019! Although I’m Read more
  • When the Provider becomes the Patient.
    Hello everyone! I've been getting requests to update the blog so here I am! I've got a pretty interesting and somewhat hairy story to share with you... Last week, I experienced Read more
  • I'm Back Everyone!
    Hi folks! Sorry for my brief absence from blogging. I was focusing on my dental school applications and writing my personal statement, which took longer than I thought. Writing my Read more
  • The Next Step...
    Hi everyone, I survived my dental admissions test! In fact, I got a score in the ~99th percentile of all the people that took the test! But as relieved as Read more
  • Temporary Crowns
    I recently took a continuing education course for dentists and dental assistants to learn how to make temporary crowns. Although the course seemed to teach the most basic techniques, it Read more
  • Study Mode
    Hello again! I hope we've met and had a good chat about dentistry or school while in the office. If not, I hope to meet you soon! Right now, I'm in the Read more
  • Patients are Smart
    After seeing many patients at the office, I am hearing some interesting things they notice about the dentist and their practice. Although most dentists would prefer that patients not question Read more
  • Hi! My name is Chiaki Asahara!
    Hi there! My name is Chiaki Asahara and I am Dr. Wong's Lead Assistant at his office. I started working with Dr. Wong in September of 2016 and so far, it's been Read more

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