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February 11, 2019
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Hello Patients of Dr. Wong!

Recently, I finished my final day of work, started my transition to becoming a dental student, and I couldn't be more excited! But before I leave, I wanted to say goodbye to all of the patients who have been so kind and supportive to me over the years. With my goodbye, I wanted to leave you with some final thoughts:

I've seen on YouTube a lot of videos about philosophers and their negative views on life. But it's no wonder why they have such negative outlooks. A lot of them grew up in poverty, were abused, and/or were strained by society. So to lessen this type of sadness in humanity, I want to encourage you, the reader, to be nicer and be more genuine to others. I say this because life can be a struggle and you're free to live it however you like. But it’s helping each other and being honest to yourself that will ultimately lead to your happiness (at least in my opinion). I know that Dr. Wong, Annie and I have always tried to embrace this philosophy and it has made our office a more wholesome and friendly environment than a typical place of work. And if you think you’re too shy for that kind of generosity and social interaction, just remember that even the smallest of conversations or “thank you’s” can make someone’s day much better. Sometimes it doesn't but it's the thought that counts!

With that said, I would like to say one final goodbye and thank you again for the awesome experiences I’ve gained at the office. I will make use of what I have learned here and do my share in making the world a better place. Thank You, and I wish you all the best.



Chiaki Asahara

December 27, 2018
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Hello to the people who have followed my journey to dentistry.

I finally did it! I got into dental school and I will start in the summer of 2019! Although I’m still not 100% sure about where I want to attend, I am just simply happy to know I’m moving forward with my career. Now that I am done with that process, it is refreshing to go back to work with less stress in my life. During the whole application process though, I noticed some things that I will blurt on this blog.

The first thing I noticed was that I am young and have my whole world ahead of me. When I went for my interviews at the different dental schools, I met many people from different walks of life who have finally decided they have found their passion in dentistry, former teachers, engineers, pharmacists, doctors, and even professional athletes. Not that I was ever time pressured too much (except by one of my parents), meeting these people has helped me relax from the lingering pressures that come from my parents and people who attain financial stability earlier in their careers. It was also nice to meet people who are going through similar feelings but are still trying to become dentists for the sake of helping people. (by the way, pre-dental students are really worried about money because we have to borrow an average of $400k to pay for dental school and are not loaded with cash nor are we making anywhere close to a six-figure salary with the biology degree we got to pursue dentistry. Should have been a programmer if I wanted to start making money quickly.) Anyways, it was just a nice feeling to have peers who are still on the same boat as me and have lots more to learn before we are doing things that are really impactful.

The other thing I want to say is thank you to everyone from my parents, friends, Dr. Wong and Annie to all of you guys! Thinking back to my younger self, I am so appreciative that you were all the people around me influencing me in the most positive way possible. (If the people around me weren’t great, why would I even think to want to help people in the first place right!?)

So that’s some of what I have been thinking about these days.

Thanks for reading again guys.

Chiaki Asahara

Hello everyone! I've been getting requests to update the blog so here I am! I've got a pretty interesting and somewhat hairy story to share with you...

Last week, I experienced being a patient for the first time in a long time. An hour after eating a baked good during lunch, which I was told did not have certain nuts in it, my face and neck turned red, my eyes were itchy, and my nose enlarged and began to get stuffed. It was starting to get hard to breathe. When I told Dr. Wong, he said I looked like I was having a severe anaphylactic reaction and almost considered stabbing me with his EpiPen! Usually, when I get an allergic reaction, I work through the symptoms easily and I'm ok within a short time. This time, though, all the symptoms started to show and it had me worried. Thankfully, Annie rushed me to the ER and the doctors and nurses took care of me without trouble.

During this experience, I learned what it feels like to be a patient. I was not only worried about my health condition but also the cost of the appointment. The hospital took care of my allergy reaction and was thorough in taking care of me. However, when I asked how much the visit cost, none of the staff would directly tell me an answer. I understand that health comes first but them being unhelpful in explaining the finances was a big turn off for me. However, I think this experience helped me understand how to help people feel comfortable when their health is compromised and have to get medical service. I'm much better now thankfully, and I'm NEVER going to touch anything with nuts ever again! Thanks for checking in on me and I hope to see you all soon in the office!


October 12, 2017
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Hi folks! Sorry for my brief absence from blogging. I was focusing on my dental school applications and writing my personal statement, which took longer than I thought. Writing my personal statement was difficult because there are so many experiences and things I want to talk about but I had to only pick a few short anecdotes. But that daunting task is now finished and I hope to regularly update you all on my dental explorations in the office. In fact, some exciting things have been happening in our office during my blog hiatus. After attending the big dental conference that happened in SF recently, we’ve upgraded some of our equipment in the office!

The biggest addition is a brand new operatory chair. It looks nice, feels nice, and it makes one of our operating rooms much cleaner. This doesn’t make the patient experience too different but we are really excited about the new chair since there we had a broken one there for a while. Another big change is our new x-ray unit. This new system emits less radiation than the one we currently have and is portable so it’ll make taking x-rays safer and faster for all of us! And the last new thing I want to mention is the DryShield system that Dr. Wong purchased. This is our new suction system that uses the now popular isolation system that retracts the tongue and cheeks away from the drill while suctioning all the water.

Patients have been saying that the system is comfortable and it’s making our job so much easier so we are happy to incorporate this new technology into the office! We got more new products from the conference that we are using in the office now but I just wanted to mention some of the bigger changes that patients will start to notice.

If you haven’t come to the office in a while, come in and check out all our upgrades! I'm looking forward to seeing you in the office and getting back to writing blog updates for you all!

May 12, 2017
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Hi everyone, I survived my dental admissions test! In fact, I got a score in the ~99th percentile of all the people that took the test! But as relieved as I am, the actual application for dental schools is now coming up and I’ve had few thoughts lingering in my brain. I don’t know if most people have these types of moments but when it comes to finally actually committing to something so great, I was daunted. I was recently thinking about the huge loans I’m going to be taking on, the four years of life spent on just studying while my friends are traveling and exploring other cool new things, if I’m competent enough to be a dentist, and so on. But I guess this is life and you just have to put your foot in the door and start! I’ve been working towards getting into dental school since high school, I love working as a dental assistant right now, there are lots of job opportunities and I probably know more about the dental business than half the people applying to dental school, so I have convinced myself (not forcefully!) that I will be happy and successful in dentistry. Moreover, I’m writing my personal statement and my main point is that I am trying to be a dentist to serve the people who don’t have access to dental care. People with insurances that aren’t accepted in many offices, people who don’t have dentists near them and people who simply can’t afford dental care are the people I want to help the most because those are the people who really do appreciate your services (by the way, take note, the better you make your dentist or anyone helping you feel, the better they’re going to treat you.) Not only am I helping people, people are helping me feel good about what I can contribute to a community. How cool is that? So I may have had small doubts in my mind but I think that was important for me to really be happy with my choices I am making right now. Now excuse me while
I go write my personal statement.

Chiaki Asahara