Covid 19 Guidelines

Greetings Patients! It’s been a long time and we hope that you’re all doing well. We are happy to let you know that we are going to resume dental treatments in the office starting Monday, June 1st. Given the climate of Covid-19, we will be doing everything we can to assure your safety in providing treatment. Your appointment will be different in our “new normal” world so please see our new guidelines:

1.) Acceptance of an appointment means that you agree to take a medical questionnaire and a voluntary temperature reading at the office. If you answer Yes to any of the questions, we ask that you defer your appointment until your symptoms subside or we may reschedule you (unless it is a dental emergency). If your temperature is above normal (taken three times to ensure accuracy), we will reschedule your appointment for another day.

2.) SCHEDULING: We have a lot of appointments to make up for in our absence. We will begin to reschedule previously scheduled appointments first, with patients who need treatment taking precedent. If you would like to be seen sooner, PLEASE MAKE A REQUEST with Annie [email protected] .

a.)Routine cleanings/checkups will NO LONGER include polishing and flossing unless requested at the beginning of the visit. This is to help reduce chair time/exposure for all parties as polishing/flossing is a non-essential task.

b.) We will restart our automated text/email reminder system shortly. If you have a previously scheduled visit, we may change the time slightly to accommodate our new schedules so please pay attention to your reminder! If you do not want to keep your appointment (and we understand if you don’t), let us know ASAP so that we can make your time available to other patients.

3.) All patients entering the office MUST WEAR A MASK. If you do not have a mask, we will provide you with one for $4. We are not making any money from the mask charges. We are charging based on supply/demand values of the market. For an interesting read, click here:

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4.) We will no longer be making our waiting room available for seating. This is in order to keep social distancing guidelines amongst patients and to limit your time in the office. We will post a STOP sign at our door to give you further instructions before you enter. Family members like children, spouses, partners, will need to wait outside or in their cars until the team is ready to seat you individually. Exceptions will be made for situations like medical assistance and translators.

5.) Since we are taking extra time to disinfect and break down/set up our rooms, we need to allow extra time to every appointment. We kindly ask that if you have any questions before your visit, please ask them AHEAD of time. Please direct financial questions to Annie ( [email protected] ) and clinical questions to Dr. Wong directly ( [email protected] ).

a.) As much as we generally enjoy catching up with our patients, we kindly ask that we focus as much time on the appointment and limit our social interactions. This will help us stay on schedule and see as many patients as possible given our new scheduling protocol.

Keep in mind that we may add or change these guidelines as our governing bodies (California Department of Labor, American Dental Association, CDC) adapt to the coronavirus. We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to taking care of you and your loved ones during these crazy times.

Dr. Wong and Staff